Facts On Asbestos

In the early 1850s, people started making attempts to make asbestos paper and cloth, It didn’t go very well. Finally, the first companies were established in England and Scotland. Little did they know they were using a deadly substance. Asbestos was first weaved in yarn and Louis Wertheim copied the idea for his factory in Germany. Sir William Edmond Logan, noticed large deposits of chrysotile ( white asbestos the most common asbestos). Samples of that chrysotile deposit were displayed in London. For a long period of time, the largest asbestos mine was In Southeastern Quebec. Asbestos was put in : 

Fire-resistant coatings




Acid-resistant gaskets 

Pipe insulation

Ceiling insulation 

Fireproof drywall 



Lawn furniture

And last but not least drywall joint compound 

In 2011 it was reported that 50% of the houses in the united kingdom had asbestos located in them. Finally, in 1899, H. Montague Murray noticed that asbestos was affecting the health of people. The first death related to asbestos was in 1906. Researchers in the early 1900s started noticing people in asbestos mining towns getting early lung problems and early deaths. Then a hospital discovered asbestos in a young man’s lungs, this man had died of pulmonary fibrosis after working in an asbestos textile factory for 14 years. Asbestos is and was in a wide variety of products including : 


Popcorn ceilings


Breaks for cars

Fire-protectant cloths 

Fireproof clothing for firefighters 

Flexible duct conectors

Some countries still use asbestos, including: 






The most widespread asbestos product is corrugated asbestos-cement sheets. Many homes, schools, sheds, and factories still use asbestos. Asbestos can easily be reduced to a powder that will be puffed into the air with you breathing in it. This is why you will want professionals to remove or, and, and test it for you. If asbestos is in tile or something hard and sturdy, that won’t crack there are airtight barriers that you can get to seal off asbestos-contaminated areas. Encapsulants ( liquified sealers) have been used to seal off asbestos sprayed objects. Asbestos removal is the only sure, Permanent answer to asbestos problems. Call this number (718 663-4539) to get asbestos removed or tested.  We have trained professionals, and they will do it safely for you.