Types Of Asbestos And Their Uses

 There are many types of asbestos. The most common type of asbestos is Chrysotile. This type of asbestos is Mined from Serpentine rocks that you can find throughout the world. Chrysotile greatly magnified looks like a white fiber. Chrysotile Is more pliable then amphibole Types of asbestos and can be spun and woven like wool. The most common use of chrysotile Is cement Roofing for warehouses, outbuildings etc. It can sometimes be used in ceiling walls or floors. Chrysotile Has been infused and many other items that could possibly put your house in danger of fire. 

    Amosite most often called Brown asbestos, greatly magnified is a grayish-white fiber. It is used in thermal insulation products, insulating board, and ceiling ceramics.

     Crocidolite, often referred to as blue asbestos, is found in South Africa, Australia, and Bolivia. It can handle much more strain then chrysotile asbestos but can melt to black glass at rather low temperatures. Crocidolite used to insulate steam engines, pipes, and was also mixed and used in Cement Products. Under a microscope, Crocidolite appears as a blue fiber.  South Africa was the first place that Crocidolite was found, And other countries proceeded after that. 

      The Amphibole group Has many different colors ranging from green, yellow, white, grey, blue, and red. Amosite Resembling the color brown, and crocidolite resembling the color blue,  are also part of the amphibole group. All of the Amphibole groups are fibrous and Prismatic.The Amphibole group was used as a crushed stone for any crushed stone applications.

    Asbestos can be embedded in any product that a factory makes. If they think It is necessary they will use it. If you think you have asbestos in your home call this number (718 663-4539) to get asbestos removed or tested.  We have trained professionals, and they will do it safely for you.